Welcome to Awami National Party Frankfurt. All members are advised to register via our online registration form available in the right corner "ONLINE MEMBERSHIP", Awami National Party Frankfurt am Main Germany condem the voilant, brutal and inhuman attack on Army Public School in Peshawar. ANP Frankfurt feel deep grief on the killing of our innocent kids by Taliban in a very inhuman way. May their soul rest in peace. Ameen

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan-Bacha KhanKhan Abdul Wali KhanFakhr-e-afghan Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan who is known as Bacha Khan was the founder of Awami National Party before the division of Indo-Pak Subcontinent. He dedicated all his life for the peace in the teritory, unity, education, social and political development and to give Pakhtuns an identity of their own. His sacrifices can not be forgotten. Every Pakhtun know him as their only and unique leader.

Beside Abdul Ghaffar Khan's services, Khan Abdul Wali Khan also has dedicated his life and all his capabilities for the development of Pakhtuns. Due to his services and efficient work on devlopement of Pakkhtuns, he was entitled with "Rehbar-e-tehreek".

To present a tribute to Khan abdul Ghaffar Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan's unmatched services and work for us and for our generations, ANP Germany Frankfurt has decided to call a meeting. To make this meeting more interactive and knowldgeable we have invited ANP's president and senator Haji Muhammad Adeel as our chief guest.

All party members and Pakhtun brothers are invited to this meeting to come and offer a prayer (Duwa) also to express your thoughts. Detail about meeting time, location and date is given here:

Date: Saturday 1st, February 2014

Timing: 5:00 PM sharp

Location: Munchener Strasse 48, Frankfurt am Main.

We believe in the existance of our creater "Allah" and believe that Allah will keep his blessings on our beloved leaders Bacha Khan and Abdul Wali Khan as he promised.