Welcome to Awami National Party Frankfurt. All members are advised to register via our online registration form available in the right corner "ONLINE MEMBERSHIP", Awami National Party Frankfurt am Main Germany condem the voilant, brutal and inhuman attack on Army Public School in Peshawar. ANP Frankfurt feel deep grief on the killing of our innocent kids by Taliban in a very inhuman way. May their soul rest in peace. Ameen

Anniversary of Bacha Khan & Abdul Wali Khan
To present a tribute to our great leader and peace lover Bacha Khan Baba and also to Rehbar-e-tehreek Khan Abdul Wali Khan on their anniversaries, ANP Germany has decided to invite all members for a meeting here in its office.read more
Tribute to Shaheed Bashir Ahmad Bilour
Last year in December 2012 one of our beloved, strong in his belief and faith, brave, and committed leader Shaheed Bashir Ahmad Bilour was being killed in a terrorist attack at Peshawar Qisa Khwani Bazaar.read more